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MEFFRE "SAINTE CATHERINE" - Gigondas, Rhone, France


Deep coppery red colour. A tank aged blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. A complex nose of brandied and fresh red fruits, blueberry and violet, with hints of peppery spice, soft old oak, toasty nutmeg, cinnamon and floral notes. Good acidity and smooth tannins with a dusty mineral quality, adding lift and cut. Well structured, dense and rich, with a long, spicy finish.

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1936 . 1990
Gabriel Meffre (1908-1987) & his wife found Maison Gabriel Meffre, Négociant-Producer in Gigondas, and buy their first vineyards in Gigondas. They invest in the vineyards in the Rhône Valley and Provence until the early 80s. With 800ha of vineyards, they gradually became the number one AOC wine producer in France. The winery produces and sells wines from the Meffre Estates. The famous Gabriel Meffre branded lorries travel all over France and as far as Switzerland to supply wholesalers.

1990 . 1999
A new growth strategy is launched when Bertrand Bonnet becomes CEO. He foresees the market’s evolution to better quality wines and makes significant changes to the company: developing export markets, creating strong brands, investing in up-to-date equipments. Long based in the Rhône Valley, the Winery also build new partnerships with winemakers in the Languedoc to provide ranges of varietal wines from the Oc region.

1999 . 2009
As a "return to the roots", the Winery invests in vineyards: Domaine de Longue Toque in Gigondas (27ha) and Château Grand Escalion near Nîmes (44ha). Both vineyards are based on the principle of "integrated viticulture" with the aim of significantly reducing our impact on the environment. The Winery has been ISO 9002 & 9001, BRC and ISF certified. Since 2001, Domaine de Longue Toque and Château Grand Escalion have been awarded the Terra Vitis – Integrated Viticulture Label, that is renewed annually.

2009 . 2015
Eric Brousse, a well-known personality in the wine sector, takes over the Winery. He builds a fresh and ambitious vision with the teams in place to make Gabriel Meffre one of the benchmark owners-négociants in the Rhône Valley.
In 2011, Sustainable Development is made a long-term company policy. Devoted to high quality since the 90s, the Winery wants to make a new step and launches its Corporate Social Responsibility procedure (CSR).
In 2015, the Winery achieved “level 3 – confirmed” (out of 4) of the AFAQ 26000 evaluation, recognising a high level of maturity in environmental, social and economic issues. Maison Gabriel Meffre is now one of the top responsible wineries in France.

In June 2015, Gabriel Meffre was named a “responsible company” for its voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) procedure when it “passed” level 3 of 4 in the AFAQ 26 000 evaluation. Being recognised for our environmental, social and economic contribution is the fruit of all our employees constantly adapting and working on a business project that began in 2011. What makes it even more remarkable is that Gabriel Meffre is one of few wineries in the South of France to be evaluated thus far

Wine facts

Label Notes:

SAINTE CATHERINE : It was in homage to Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century poet and philosopher, that the church of Gigondas took the name of Sainte Catherine. The mysterious and perhaps even legendary story of Catherine is above all that of a courageous woman who defied the authority of the Roman emperor to defend her beliefs.

Total Production:

12,000 bottles


Véronique Torcolacci


Gabriel Meffre Winery


750 ml

Average Age of Vines:

30-40 years

Average Vineyard Altitude:

300-400 meters

Harvest Method:

Hand Picked


The harvest is fully manual with a strict sorting of the grapes.

Fermentation and Maceration:

Fermentation lasts approximately 3 weeks with temperatures limited to a maximum of 28° to 30° C. This favours an generous expression of the fruit and limits the extraction of harsh tannins.


35% of the cuvée is placed to oak barrels of one and two years for 11 months of maturing before being blended back with the vat-aged portion.









Grape Varietal:

Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah