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PASCUAL TOSO ALTA - Malbec - Barrancas Vineyard Argentina

PASCUAL TOSO ALTA - Malbec - Barrancas Vineyard, Mendoza, ARGENTINA

It presents tinges of violet & a fruity nose. It evokes blackberries, spices, and tobacco. Rich & long finish.

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Las Barrancas is in a stunning location with premium quality soils, ideal climate and environment, located in Mendoza, in the district of Maipu within the Mendoza River highland. In the area, at around 750 meters above sea level, more than 400 hectares belong to Pascual Toso. It is a heterogeneous terroir, an uneven piece of land going down 7 meters, where stretch soils with bare rock in which grapes stand up with all its quality, to deeper soils with green coverage.

Las Barrancas possess excellent conditions for climatic agriculture, with warm days and fresh nights, low humidity relative and high heatstroke what is translated in vineyards with excellent quality of fruits and sanity. The water for irrigation comes from the snow of the Andes mountain trough the main River of the county, “Mendoza River”. Organic matter is very scarce due to the quick decomposition it goes through because rains are not heavy and there is intensive cultural activity. Although the soils are of similar origin, various textures may be found in small areas.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

Established in 1890, Pascual Toso is one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries of Argentina with a strong commitment and quality. It is located in Barrancas Vineyard, Maipu, one the premium wine-producing regions of Argentina. A prestigious wine which has been made from vines more than 60 years old. This vibrant wine with tinges of violet, has a fruity nose and evokes blackberries, spices and tobacco notes. Enjoy this wine with red meat, pasta and mature cheese.

Total Production:

Total Alta Malbec production is 10,000 cases per vintage


Paul Hobbs - Consultant Winemaker / Felipe Stahlschmidt - Resident Winemaker


Bodegas y Vinedos Pascual Toso



Average Age of Vines:

60+ years

Average Vineyard Altitude:


Sustainably Farmed:


Harvest Method:

By Hand


By Hand

Fermentation and Maceration:

Cold maceration takes place before fermentation for 48 hours. Winemaking process is carried out in stainless steel tanks and macerated from 15 to 20 days.


The wine is aged in new French oak barrels for 14 months. To obtain its maximum expression, the wine is softly filtered before being bottled. Oncce is bottled, it remains 6 months in our controlled temperature cellar, before release.







Grape Varietal: